Having your skin itching all over can be very irritating and uncomfortable.  This problem usually has you scratching uncontrollably.  When you have an itch that means you scratch.  Itchy skin can be from different causes like dermatitis, a rash or psoriasis.


It could also mean that you might have an internal disease like kidney failure or liver disease.  Even when your skin is itchy, it may appear to look normal or it could turn red with blisters, bumps or very rough skin.


Trying to discover what is causing your itch is very important for relief.  There are many different treatments for itchy skin like light therapy, medication or wet dressings.  Using home remedies may be the best way to treat the itch.


Here are a few of the possible causes of itching skin:


skin itching all over


1.  Rash or skin condition – conditions like psoriasis, lice, hives, eczema and chicken pox may cause your skin to be itchy.  These usually affect specific areas on your body and are followed by bumps, irritated skin, blisters and are red.




2.  Dry skin – very common one that can end up as a rash because of the dryness.  Some things that influence it are cold or hot weather and low levels of humidity, using an air conditioner for a long time, bathing or showering too much or too long and even central heating.




3.  Nerve Disorder – some conditions affect your nervous system like diabetes mellitus, shingles, pinched nerves and multiple sclerosis can cause your skin to itch.


pregnancy itch


4.  Pregnancy – itchiness during pregnancy is common to some women. The itchiness is usually in the breast, arms, thighs and the abdomen.  Problems like dermatitis can be worse for pregnant women.






5.  Internal Disease –  included are kidney failure, iron deficiency anemia, cancers, liver disease and thyroid problems.  Different cancers could be lymphoma and leukaemia.  In cases like these the itch affects the entire body and not just one area.  The skin probably looks normal but itchy.


6.  Allergies – allergic reactions to chemicals, wool, soaps or other things can cause your skin to be itchy and very irritated.  Food allergies can also cause your skin to itch.




7.  Drugs – some people have reactions to some drugs like pain medications, antibiotics or anti fungal drugs which can cause itching and rashes.







So the next time that you have skin itching all over your body, you will want to determine what the symptoms are and what may have caused it.  If you are having problems with itching skin all the time and nothing seems to work to stop the itching you may want to find some natural products to help in stopping the itch.


If you are in need of some organic products to help in stopping the itch you can simply click the link below to find some great products.


organic products for itching skin

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